cellphone accessories

China factory Plastic injection mould for cellphone accessories

Our team has the design, engineering and manufacturing experience needed to bring your injection molded concepts to life. From co-development of R&D, through full plastics production, SincoPlastics is committed to providing the highest quality products and services the first time, on-time.

Why bring your R&D project to SincoPlastics?

  • Melt Flow Analysis – Sinco ’s design specialists can use simulation software to optimize the product design and manufacturing process before the first piece of steel is cut, which reduces the time needed to condition the mold and speeds the product to market
  • In-Process Monitoring –  using the latest in process monitoring systems and pressure sensing technology to ensure consistency, maximum up-time and quality in the production line
  • Integrated Assembly, Automation and Packaging – Sinco  Molded Plastics excels at finding innovative ways to assemble, automate, sort by cavity ID, and package finished products to reduce costs and build value into the production process
  • Secondary Services – will gladly evaluate and offer solutions that meet your needs for special processessuch as de-burring, post-curing, or sonic welding